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Welcome to Planet Rocke with Taylor Locke, A music talk show from space


Planet Rocke with Taylor Locke is the first music talk show broadcast live from space. After three successful years of alien-free, record breaking broadcast, his TV studio fell out of orbit and was seized by the AFST (American Federation of Space Television).

As the AFST continued repairs on the studio, Taylor Locke returned to earth to visit family and chew bubble gum, inadvertently meeting a new member of the Planet Rocke crew, Pterry P. Pterodactyl. Depressed from his current divorce, Pterry flew over Roswell, New Mexico, in a haze. “YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO SEE LITTLE TERRY AGAIN!!!” was all he heard as he collided with Taylor’s giant bubble.

Taylor rushed Pterry to the Velveteen laboratory – his recording studio and home hospital – to begin the bubble gum removal process. After Taylor removed residual bubble gum from Pterry’s brain, Pterry told Taylor about his experiences playing drums for well known bands and traveling the world as a roadie. When Taylor discovered that Pterry was now homeless and in need of a job, he offered him a position at the Velveteen laboratory. They’ve been the best of friends ever since.

On one of their daily walks, Taylor and Pterry discovered something amazing in the Santa Barbara Junk Yard, among the broken amps and abandoned musical instruments. Pterry shined the green laser glasses over the trash hill, exposing a rusted broken robot. Taylor quickly recognized her as the object that shook the Planet Rocke studio off orbit. Their curiosity and empathy for the female robot provoked the two friends to bring her to the Velveteen Laboratory and bring her back to life.

After putting her back together, Taylor fed the robot a red velvet cupcake that fell into the wire workings of her body. When she woke, the robot told Pterry and Taylor about her past as a space warrior and that red velvet cupcakes were the precise antidote to her violence. They named her Trixie and offered her work in the Velveteen Laboratory, baking red velvet cupcakes for all the guests. She accepted. Shortly after Trixie began developing romantic feelings for Taylor.

The AFST finished repairs and the fateful group of three returned to the Planet Rocke module, beginning a long life together at the space station, interviewing guests and learning to live together in outer space harmony (which sounds rather different than earth’s). After hundreds of episodes, Taylor, Pterry and Trixie vacationed to San Francisco. After an amazing trip they were forced off the freeway into Bakersfield California where they found themselves at an abandoned gas station looking for snacks.

They were in shock to find three Fuzzy creatures dehydrated and alone, abandoned and left to die on the side of the road. The Fuzzy Family had been living their abandoned lives for almost two weeks before Taylor and co. found them. Fuzuka, the mother, gobbled up a red velvet cupcake before nestling onto Fuzuko’s shoulder. Fuzuko, the father, made a grimacing face and insisted on stopping at the first store for Space Juice. Fuzuki, their early teen son gladly took the batteries from Pterry’s headset and tuned out the last barren Bakersfield landscape with his latest video game.

The five of them happily completed the team of Planet Rockers, flying off to relaunch “Planet Rocke with Taylor Locke–Live at the Velveteen Laboratory”. Join this amazing crew on a epic adventure through the cosmic galaxy as you follow their life as a family, coinciding with the broadcast of a music talk show from space.


Taylor Locke

The host of the show and serves as the overall father figure to the entire Planet Rocke family. He runs the Velveteen Laboratory and helps with the happiness and peace of the family dynamic. He runs a space talk show-where he interviews different musical guests in each episode. He has brought every character to Planet Rocke, giving them jobs and a loving home. He also is the front man of “The Roughs”, which is the talented house band that lives on Planet Rocke.

Fuzuko (The Father)

A depressed alcoholic due to his wife Fuzuka, who has “Let herself go”. He is constantly drinking “SPACE” juice-often drinking too much thus puking up piles of Glitter-Slime vomit. In 2007 he was diagnosed with a Rumor that spreads every time it is mentioned.

Fuzuka (The Mother)

Disconnected, overweight and sluggish–but does not seem to be aware of her condition. She is mellow and over emotional, waddling around wondering why Fuzuko will not be intimate with her anymore. She fills the void by eating Trixies cupcakes. She seems unaware of her child Fuzuki most of the time, and he is allowed to run wild.

Fuzuki(The Son)

Fuzuki is a trouble maker and a show off. He thinks he stands for counterculture and is constantly trying to make statements through his attire and actions. He is constantly getting into things and tries to sabotage the show when he does not get his way. He is always going through phases with the way he talks, acts and dresses.

Pterry P. Pteroydactle

Taylors right hand man, and roadie for Planet Rocke. He begins every episode announcing the show. He is funny, sarcastic, and always seems to know everyone’s busies but keeps good relationships with everyone. Before Planet Rocke he toured the world as a drummer, and although claims his drumming days are over–he is always trying new ways to get behind the kit.


Formally a space warrior, designed to terminate anyone crossing the black rainbow of time. After being reprogramed, she was brought to the Laboratory to announce the guests, and bake red Velvet cupcakes for everyone. She is funny, and cute often cracking jokes about herself and others. She is madly in love with Taylor and sometimes can have a short temper when it comes to Taylor and female guests. Otherwise she is loving and a motherly figure in the Planet Rocke family. She loves animals and is often accompanied by her dog Ziggy.




Taylor Locke And The Roughs is a 4 piece rock group based out of Los Angeles. Their energetic, hard rocking brand of powerpop carries on a great tradition of melodic rock bands that spans virtually the entire history of popular music, from The Beatles to Big Star to The Stone Roses to Jellyfish. The band released two critically acclaimed albums in 2010, Grain & Grape and Marathon, and are currently putting the finishing touches on their third album.

Planet Rocke theme song “Taylor Locke (Rex of Rocke)”
Written and produced by Bleu

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